Nancy Drew #30: The Shattered Medallion

George Fayne has always watched the reality TV show, Pacific Run, and has always wanted to participate in the competition.  Now, she and Nancy go as a team, seeking to win the competition by putting their shattered medallion together, piece by piece.  However, the show is careening out of control, as teams will do anything to win, be it purposefully injuring other contestants or cheating on their tasks.  Of course, it could have to do with the fact that the new producer of the show is a lunatic and seems to be secretive about his intentions of taking over the show.  You as Nancy Drew have to get to the bottom of whoever is sabotaging the show before someone gets hurt!


Hmm…  Where to begin…  I had no idea what this one was about and who the dude on the front cover was until I watched the Her Interactive trailer.  I got an idea of the plot of the game, and then was kinda shocked to find that that dude was Sonny Joon, the guy who first made an ‘appearance’ in Nancy Drew #6: Secret of the Scarlet Hand.  We have no idea who he is, what he’s doing, and what the overall picture is.  He just seems to always be there, one step ahead of Nancy.  After that, I was super excited to play this game.  Sonny had come into so many other games and I’d not really thought about who he was and why he kept coming in.  And after all those games, it felt like there was this huge build up of excitement, knowing that we finally got to meet him.  And then I played the game.  I was expecting Sonny to be some kind of evil mastermind trying to take over the world, or something like that.  After finding out more information about him and talking to him, and seeing that he wasn’t an evil mastermind, it felt really disappointing, like this big letdown.  That’s my feelings about that part of the game.

As for the rest of the game… Well…  It was different.  Occasionally, the game would sort of pause and there would be this commentary about Pacific Run.  After all, it is a TV show.  But the way they played it out, it didn’t feel like it.  It was also confusing because you had to complete the tasks set for you by the show, but then there were other puzzles that had to do with the actual plot of the game that didn’t have anything to do with the show.  I just kept getting them mixed up in my mind and wondering “Wait, what does this key open?  Is it going to unlock something that has to do with my Pacific Run task, or does it open a secret passageway leading to nowhere?” and things along those lines.

The puzzles were really good, though.  They seemed very original and made your head ache (in a good way).  It’s hard to describe some of the activities in this game, because they were mostly all puzzles and stuff like that.  There weren’t really any of the ‘chore’ type things like feeding horses, baking cookies, sewing a dress, etc., from other games.  You may be wondering whether or not I liked this game.  I’m not really sure myself, because there are probably just as many things that I liked as things that I disliked about this one.  Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

As one last thing to say, I think that this not a good game to play for your first ever ND game, just with the whole Sonny Joon thing.  Just because this one was kinda different and it would be good to get an idea of what the others are like before playing this one.

Creepiness Factor: 1/10


Nancy Drew #11: Curse of Blackmoor Manor

At Blackmoor Manor, you as Nancy Drew have been asked to stay there as you try to figure out why the lady of the manor, Linda, is behaving so strangely. With an illness that no one understands, she refuses to leave her bed or even let anyone look at her.

Other weird things happen during your stay. Cloaked figures in the night, chanting in the halls, man-eating plants and messages from unknown people are only a handful of things Nancy will encounter. Is it just coincidence, or is Blackmoor really cursed?


When my sister and I started this game, we knew it would be creepy, but we didn’t expect it to be truly dark. In fact, we only got a little ways through this one when we decided we weren’t comfortable finishing it. There are differences between being creeped out, being scared, and both at once. This was a both at once case.

We have handled the eerie and the ominous, but this went beyond what we prefered. The theme of the game was just too diabolic. Between the chanting, talk of witchcraft, and the possibility of lycanthropy (people turning into monsters, whether physically or mentally), we uninstalled it and moved on. If you are wanting to be really creeped out, go ahead, but for me personally there are too many other games that are more family-friendly.

Creepiness Factor: 7/10


Nancy Drew #15: The Creature of Kapu Cave

You, as Nancy Drew, head to Hawaii to serve as a research assistant to Dr. Quigley Kim, who investigates insect behavior, diet, breeding, nests, just about bug everything!  But when you arrive on the Big Island and drive into the middle of the jungle to look for Dr. Kim and her camp, you find it in ruins and she is nowhere to be found!  Another strange thing that has been going on is that the pineapple crop seems to have nearly been destroyed.  Locals are saying it’s the legendary monster named Kane ‘Okala who is destroying the crop. Could something more sinister be behind the pineapple shortage, and also the disappearance of Dr. Kim?

The Creature of Kapu Cave

The Creature of Kapu Cave

Something I think is super cool about this one is that you get to team up with the Hardy Boys and you can go back and forth between being Nancy, Frank, or Joe.  This one has plenty of activities, but one thing I didn’t like is that it didn’t seem like there were a lot of places to go and there weren’t very many secret passages/tunnels.

A few highlights of the game are looking for sea shells and making necklaces with them, fishing, doing insect research for Dr. Kim (although I might not call that a highlight because it wasn’t very fun), and making shave ice!

Creepiness Factor: 3/10

Nancy Drew #09: Danger on Deception Island

Katie Firestone (a friend of George) has invited you, as Nancy Drew, to Deception Island for a whale-watching excursion.  When you arrive, you find her boat completely ransacked!  Also, an alarming note warns Katie to “stop meddling”, or else.  The Snake Horse Harbor is divided over an orphaned orca whale who has been showing up in the channel maybe more often than it should be.  Will you be able to catch the villain behind these destructive plots, or will you be too late to “Save the Whales”?

Danger on Deception Island

Danger on Deception Island













It’s been a long time since I’ve done this one, and frankly, I don’t remember it well.  I’m pretty sure I liked, although I say that about pretty much all of them.

A few highlights of this one are kayaking, exploring through underground tunnels, and hunting for clams in the sand.  In this one, there are four suspects, which is more than some of the other games.  The more suspects, the more interesting it is!

And don’t forget, vote for Holt!

Creepiness Factor: 2/10

Nancy Drew #16: White Wolf of Icicle Creek

When the owner of the Icicle Creek Lodge in Canada asks you to uncover the culprit of several near-fatal accidents, how can you, as Nancy Drew, resist? Just before each accident (some of which include food poisoning, several bombs, and a sticky sauna door), a mysterious white wolf howls a warning. Is the wolf simply a bad omen, or part of someone’s dastardly design?



Since I received this game for Christmas 6 years ago, just after it came out, I have played it several times. It is fairly enjoyable; compared to the other games, about moderate difficulty.  Not very creepy, either.

I like that there are a lot of plausible suspects (some of the other games have several people to talk to, but only two could logically be the culprit). There are several people I really enjoy talking to; Freddie still makes my sister and I laugh each time. And also the unexpected conversation with the one-and-only, wait for it, Tino Balducci *groan*.

Creepiness Factor: 1/10




Nancy Drew #7: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

You, as Nancy Drew, travel to the lakeside cabin of a friend to help her uncover the mystery of the strange dogs that prowl around outside the house at night. While normal dogs might not be a problem, these ones are vicious and could be a hazard. Are they just a pack of lost dogs, or is there some other mischief afoot? Or could they be the ghost dogs of Mickey Malone, guarding the treasure he buried almost 100 years ago?


The general concensus on this game from me and my sister is that this one was really fun. It wasn’t particularly creepy compared to the other games, except for being a little reluctant to leave the house at night, and also not as hard. It would be a good starter game, or if you are like us, just finished a really frustrating one and wanted one that didn’t hurt your brain. It also felt like it wasn’t as long as some of the others.

Creepiness Factor: 2/10


Nancy Drew #26: Tomb of the Lost Queen

Egyptologists and archaeologists have uncovered a new tomb, which may be the tomb of the lost queen, Nefertari. But when the leader of the group is injured after a strange accident, the group is left to it’s own devices to locate where the legend is hidden. Nancy was supposed to be the assistant of the main archaeologist that was taken to the hospital, however, she is on her own this time. It’s up to you, as Nancy Drew, to unearth the secrets hidden in the heiroglyphs to discover what really happened to the final resting place of  Ramses II’s beloved wife.


I guess for me, this one was only alright. While the idea of snooping around in ancient tombs and cracking ancient codes sounds cool, there was an almost overwhelming number of codes, which made piecing them together a little confusing. You would find a clue for one, then it was hard to remember which puzzle it went to.

Altogether, it wasn’t nearly as creepy as you might think it would be. There wasn’t the suspence factor that is in some/most of the games. The end was good, and surprising. Most ND games are surprising, anyway.

Creepiness Factor: 3/10

Nancy Drew #29: The Silent Spy

You, as Nancy Drew, have been mysteriously invited to Scotland by some unknown person to help bring down something called Revenant, a terrorist organization that may be planning another deadly attack. Can you find and prove who is a part of this evil plot before the city is in peril? And what will Nancy discover about how and why her mom died?


This game, while being one of the newest ones, was very different. Graphics were totally amazing, and the story was more complicated. I’m not sure that the complicated part is good, or bad.

I know some of the older Nancy Drew’s tend to reuse puzzles, but this one was filled with new puzzle designs that were pretty complicated, even on the junior detective setting. My only problem with the game was there weren’t any ‘chore’ type things, it was all puzzles. And because there were so many different codes to break and ciphers to solve, it was easy to get all of them mixed up (as in, easy to mix up the solutions).

There was some super-cool spy stuff, and some of the activities include playing bagpipes, snooping (the usual), ziplining, archery, and making cookies for money so you can ride on the train.

Creepiness Factor: 1/10

Nancy Drew #18: The Phantom of Venice

Travel to Venice, Italy and recover the stolen pieces of art and the thief who took them!  You, as Nancy Drew, are hired by the Italian police to solve the mystery of the “phantom”.  He/she has been steeling valuable things from rich people and wearing a mask to hide among the Venetian citizens who are celebrating Carnevale, a holiday in which everyone dresses in masks and costumes.  Rumor has it that the next thing the “phantom” is going to steal is a person, and the police have a suspect on who’s behind the recent crimes, and they want you to spy on them.  Can you capture the thief before someone is kidnapped?

The Phantom of Venice

The Phantom of Venice

I thought this one was really fun because you get to disguise yourself as someone else, steal something, and spy on someone.  You also get to pick locks, but that kind of got old quickly.  There were three people to talk, which is kind of a normal amount.  A few puzzles took a long time, were very hard to figure out, and weren’t very interesting, though we had to do them to move forward.  Also, there really wasn’t anything very creepy.

Creepiness Factor: 2/10

Nancy Drew #20: Ransom of the Seven Ships

You, as Nancy Drew, are planning on spending a relaxing vacation in the Bahamas with Bess and George.  However, we all know that it’s not really going to be relaxing, right?  As soon as you arrive on the island in a helicopter, you find out that Bess has been kidnapped!  George is in a frenzy trying to get help from another island, but the radios don’t seem to be working and the helicopter that you arrived in has already left.  The only way to save your friend is to solve the mystery of El Toro’s buried treasure, which might not even exist!  Can you save Bess before time runs out?

Ransom of the Seven Ships

Ransom of the Seven Ships











I really liked this one, but there were only two people to talk to.  A few highlights of the game are sailing, driving a golf cart, and SCUBA diving.  It didn’t have as many secret passages as some of the others, and some puzzles took a while and were harder.  You mostly play as Nancy, but for a short time you get to play as George Fayne.

Creepiness Factor: 4/10 (there is a skeleton at the end)