About Once Upon a Time Reviews

I started Once Upon a Time to help parents (or kids) find books that were well-written and entertaining for their children. I was tired of walking into the teen’s section, picking up a book, and not knowing whether it would be too violent, too inappropriate, or had too much language. It isn’t hard to find good books, but I had no idea where to find great books.

Because most teen books are junk, I read mostly what is deemed ‘young adult fiction’. The age range I give can often be misleading; I label the books according to the youngest age I would hand the book to, but the range of entertainability usually goes all the way through adult. If I don’t feel that everyone would not love it, I would say so.

Please know that all of the writers on this blog have and are entitled to their opinion. If you have a suggestion as to a better rating, we don’t mind hearing it or hearing your opinion on the book, but we don’t appreciate rude comments on our reviews. We all have our own tastes and ideas of a good book.

If you would like to see a review on a certain book or genre, please comment and we will see what we can do!


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