Nancy Drew #30: The Shattered Medallion

George Fayne has always watched the reality TV show, Pacific Run, and has always wanted to participate in the competition.  Now, she and Nancy go as a team, seeking to win the competition by putting their shattered medallion together, piece by piece.  However, the show is careening out of control, as teams will do anything to win, be it purposefully injuring other contestants or cheating on their tasks.  Of course, it could have to do with the fact that the new producer of the show is a lunatic and seems to be secretive about his intentions of taking over the show.  You as Nancy Drew have to get to the bottom of whoever is sabotaging the show before someone gets hurt!


Hmm…  Where to begin…  I had no idea what this one was about and who the dude on the front cover was until I watched the Her Interactive trailer.  I got an idea of the plot of the game, and then was kinda shocked to find that that dude was Sonny Joon, the guy who first made an ‘appearance’ in Nancy Drew #6: Secret of the Scarlet Hand.  We have no idea who he is, what he’s doing, and what the overall picture is.  He just seems to always be there, one step ahead of Nancy.  After that, I was super excited to play this game.  Sonny had come into so many other games and I’d not really thought about who he was and why he kept coming in.  And after all those games, it felt like there was this huge build up of excitement, knowing that we finally got to meet him.  And then I played the game.  I was expecting Sonny to be some kind of evil mastermind trying to take over the world, or something like that.  After finding out more information about him and talking to him, and seeing that he wasn’t an evil mastermind, it felt really disappointing, like this big letdown.  That’s my feelings about that part of the game.

As for the rest of the game… Well…  It was different.  Occasionally, the game would sort of pause and there would be this commentary about Pacific Run.  After all, it is a TV show.  But the way they played it out, it didn’t feel like it.  It was also confusing because you had to complete the tasks set for you by the show, but then there were other puzzles that had to do with the actual plot of the game that didn’t have anything to do with the show.  I just kept getting them mixed up in my mind and wondering “Wait, what does this key open?  Is it going to unlock something that has to do with my Pacific Run task, or does it open a secret passageway leading to nowhere?” and things along those lines.

The puzzles were really good, though.  They seemed very original and made your head ache (in a good way).  It’s hard to describe some of the activities in this game, because they were mostly all puzzles and stuff like that.  There weren’t really any of the ‘chore’ type things like feeding horses, baking cookies, sewing a dress, etc., from other games.  You may be wondering whether or not I liked this game.  I’m not really sure myself, because there are probably just as many things that I liked as things that I disliked about this one.  Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

As one last thing to say, I think that this not a good game to play for your first ever ND game, just with the whole Sonny Joon thing.  Just because this one was kinda different and it would be good to get an idea of what the others are like before playing this one.

Creepiness Factor: 1/10