Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte

Raised by her haughty Aunt Reed, Jane Eyre grows up knowing nothing other than a rigid harshness from both her distant relatives and the strict Lowood Charity School. Even through her rough childhood, Jane manages to maintain her integrity and spirit with the secret wish that things can only get better from here.

When she is hired as a governess by the dark and brooding Mr. Rochester, Jane finds her life taking a turn, for the better, worse, or both is unknown. Driven by her inner, unspoken desire for wider and richer love than Victorian society traditionally allowed, Jane must struggle between her own longing and moral standards in an attempt to find the best of both.


Excuse the heavily influenced Goodreads description, but WOW!

This is my new favorite classic book. Unlike many other classic books in which many chapters go on with nothing actually happening, Jane Eyre is beautifully paced with a well though-out plot and memorable characters.

The beginning was not exactly slow, but a little confusing as to how it fits in with the rest of the story. It makes sense later, it sets up a lot of inner struggle further on in the story.

The writing style made me think very much of Emily Bronte, their tastes in guys was evident. There were also several parts in which I wondered if Dickens had co-authored in several of the brilliant, diabolical scheming scenes.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Violence: 3/10 (there was only maybe three short parts which are very creepy; I wish I could say why, but that would ruin the entire story!)

Language: 1/10

Inappropriateness/Romance: 3/10 (hello! This is a romantic classic, although nothing inappropriate ever actually happens)

Audience: Ages 14 and up, mostly just for the more difficult reading level.

Now excuse me while I go watch the movie……


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