The Shadow Throne, by Jennifer A. Nielson

In the final book in the Ascendance Trilogy, the final battle for Carthya begins, and ends, here.

Jaron and his friends join together to take back their country for the people. But of course, for Jaron, nothing is ever that simple. Every plan backfires, but you can expect that from a person who never seems to be able to trust anyone.

Jaron is put to the test, even down to whether fighting for his country is worth it. Which is more important: the crown, and his country with it’s people, or his friends and everyone he loves?


I know you can’t NOT  read this book if you have read the other two, but sorry to disapoint you. This book is my least favorite in the trilogy; it just wasn’t very solid.

The main flaw: there was almost too much going on for any real character development. While Jaron had a lot in the first two, it came to a sudden stand-still because there was a lot of action going on. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be there.

I also felt like Jaron was not himself. The whole first half of the book I kept feeling like I was reading a book about an entirely different person; he wasn’t as witty, and not sarcastic at all. Until the very last bit, which I suppose saved the book a little.

To examine Jaron at this point in time: I suppose I could possibly see him not himself at this time, for if you step back and look at where he is at, it does seem like he bears the weight of the world on his shoulders. Which he practically does, for he never trusts anything to anyone. But you have to step back to see that, the author never actually brings that up enough.

Applause to the author for adding a little more character to his companions! If you felt like Roden and Tobias were practically the same person in the first book, they are more original in this last one as you begin to see them as diferent characters, and not always together to make it more confusing.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Violence: 4/10 (This is a war, and Jaron has a knack for nasty wounds)

Language: 1/10

Innappropriateness/Romance: 3/10 (of course whatever seed of romance was started in the other two has to have a little finality)

Audience: Ages 10 and up


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