Nancy Drew #11: Curse of Blackmoor Manor

At Blackmoor Manor, you as Nancy Drew have been asked to stay there as you try to figure out why the lady of the manor, Linda, is behaving so strangely. With an illness that no one understands, she refuses to leave her bed or even let anyone look at her.

Other weird things happen during your stay. Cloaked figures in the night, chanting in the halls, man-eating plants and messages from unknown people are only a handful of things Nancy will encounter. Is it just coincidence, or is Blackmoor really cursed?


When my sister and I started this game, we knew it would be creepy, but we didn’t expect it to be truly dark. In fact, we only got a little ways through this one when we decided we weren’t comfortable finishing it. There are differences between being creeped out, being scared, and both at once. This was a both at once case.

We have handled the eerie and the ominous, but this went beyond what we prefered. The theme of the game was just too diabolic. Between the chanting, talk of witchcraft, and the possibility of lycanthropy (people turning into monsters, whether physically or mentally), we uninstalled it and moved on. If you are wanting to be really creeped out, go ahead, but for me personally there are too many other games that are more family-friendly.

Creepiness Factor: 7/10



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