Nancy Drew #7: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

You, as Nancy Drew, travel to the lakeside cabin of a friend to help her uncover the mystery of the strange dogs that prowl around outside the house at night. While normal dogs might not be a problem, these ones are vicious and could be a hazard. Are they just a pack of lost dogs, or is there some other mischief afoot? Or could they be the ghost dogs of Mickey Malone, guarding the treasure he buried almost 100 years ago?


The general concensus on this game from me and my sister is that this one was really fun. It wasn’t particularly creepy compared to the other games, except for being a little reluctant to leave the house at night, and also not as hard. It would be a good starter game, or if you are like us, just finished a really frustrating one and wanted one that didn’t hurt your brain. It also felt like it wasn’t as long as some of the others.

Creepiness Factor: 2/10



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