Nancy Drew #16: White Wolf of Icicle Creek

When the owner of the Icicle Creek Lodge in Canada asks you to uncover the culprit of several near-fatal accidents, how can you, as Nancy Drew, resist? Just before each accident (some of which include food poisoning, several bombs, and a sticky sauna door), a mysterious white wolf howls a warning. Is the wolf simply a bad omen, or part of someone’s dastardly design?



Since I received this game for Christmas 6 years ago, just after it came out, I have played it several times. It is fairly enjoyable; compared to the other games, about moderate difficulty.  Not very creepy, either.

I like that there are a lot of plausible suspects (some of the other games have several people to talk to, but only two could logically be the culprit). There are several people I really enjoy talking to; Freddie still makes my sister and I laugh each time. And also the unexpected conversation with the one-and-only, wait for it, Tino Balducci *groan*.

Creepiness Factor: 1/10





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