The Soul of a Horse, by Joe Camp

After the unsuccessful  Benji: Off the Leash, Joe Camp, director of the famous Benji movies, turns to horses to replace his film-directing hobby. Little did he suspect how much he would learn from the horse whose eyes showed that he was more than just a beast of burden. Joe Camp tells the tale of he and his wife jumped into the horse world without so much as a single riding lesson beforehand, and without any real knowledge of how to take care of a horse. Other than what he had been told, that is. Not only does he learn, but he learns that the only real teachers of horse care are the horse’s themselves.


This book was super great! I got it for my birthday, and was really surprised by how sincere the author was about all his thoughts. He is truly out to change the equestrian world, and how it views and cares for its horses. He also doesn’t mind telling you to question everything. Which I did. It was really refreshing to hear someone speak so freely about being different, without worrying about how the rest of the horse world would probably, most likely, try to bash him to pieces. His philosophy is entirely about laying down what other’s have told us to do about horse’s, and to care for them in the way that is best for them, not the way we think is best, or what makes us comfortable.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Language: 4/10 (I believe there were several swear words, in the moderately bad category)


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