Nancy Drew #26: Tomb of the Lost Queen

Egyptologists and archaeologists have uncovered a new tomb, which may be the tomb of the lost queen, Nefertari. But when the leader of the group is injured after a strange accident, the group is left to it’s own devices to locate where the legend is hidden. Nancy was supposed to be the assistant of the main archaeologist that was taken to the hospital, however, she is on her own this time. It’s up to you, as Nancy Drew, to unearth the secrets hidden in the heiroglyphs to discover what really happened to the final resting place of  Ramses II’s beloved wife.


I guess for me, this one was only alright. While the idea of snooping around in ancient tombs and cracking ancient codes sounds cool, there was an almost overwhelming number of codes, which made piecing them together a little confusing. You would find a clue for one, then it was hard to remember which puzzle it went to.

Altogether, it wasn’t nearly as creepy as you might think it would be. There wasn’t the suspence factor that is in some/most of the games. The end was good, and surprising. Most ND games are surprising, anyway.

Creepiness Factor: 3/10


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