Millions, by Frank Cottrell Boyce

One day, out of nowhere, a bag drops out of the sky filled with cash, right at 7-year-old Damian’s feet. Thousands of dollars. So much, that Damian and his older brother don’t know what to do with it but spend it, of course!  Deciding not to tell their father, Damian and Anthony try to go about spending the money so no one will know that they have it. They also have a deadline; the money will be worthless in 17 days. And not only that, but the thieves who stole it in the first place are out to get that money back!



I thought this book was fairly entertaining, but to me the audience is a little confusing. While the main character is 7 years old, the humor didn’t feel like a book for 7 -year -olds necessarily. It definitely made us laugh, the things they decide to spend their money on! So unimaginative; just like a little boy to spend it all on candy.

My sister and I both agreed that the first part of the book (in our case the first cd) was a little weird. His obsession with saints seems random and unexplained at first, but it makes more sense later and is actually very sweet.

I also felt like the Mormon neighbors were played out a bit untrue to life. Like, Mormon’s don’t not celebrate Christmas, and they also wouldn’t have been sneaky about taking the money the boys left for them.


Overall Rating: 4/5

Violence: 3/10 (one of the thieves threatens this little boy, and is a little creepy)

Language: 2/10 (one mild bad word and name calling)

Romance/Inappropriateness: 3/10 (one random part in which the boys are looking at pictures of women in underwear on the internet)

Audience: Ages 9 and up


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