Darkwood by M. E. Breen

There’s no evening in Howland, it goes from light to dark in a matter of seconds. When the darkness falls no normal person would dare go outside out of fear of the kinderstalk, the wolf-like creatures that prowl the forest. Annie lives with her cruel uncle and ineffectual aunt and she never ventures out into the darkness – until she overhears her uncle planning to sell her into slavery. She makes a daring escape from the house, heading out into the thick forests. But the world is full of more danger as Annie must save herself from a treacherous mining operation, the political scheming of a wily king, and the packs of kinderstalk that are encroaching ever closer.

M. E. Breen did an outstanding job with this novel. I was always on the edge of my seat, curious about what would happen next. She had no lack of twists and unexpected surprises during Annie’s adventure. There was the perfect amount of description, for me at least. Although everything wasn’t described down to the last blade of grass there was enough to let my imagination fill in the rest. It made for a very vivid novel.

I really loved Annie’s character, and the setting of the books. Both held such mystery; I was completely glued to this book. The end of the novel was a bit sudden, and the author could have explained more. Yet it left me wondering, in a good kind of way.


Overall: 4.5/5

Violence: 4/10

Language: 0/10

Inappropriateness/Romance:  0/10

Audiences: Ages 11 and up


One response

  1. I just finished this, and I totally agree on the description! Really wonderful, she chose her words carefully.
    The main idea was super cool, but I thought it took forever for that idea to show at all.
    I felt like the book wasn’t paced very well, and the focus kept jumping around. At the end, I kept wondering about how what was once the main focus had now changed to something entirely different. While it definitely threw you straight into the beginning and it was exciting, that exciting beginning almost wasn’t relevant to the overall scheme.
    The twists were thrown in very well, except how at the last minute she threw in a prophecy. That almost was enough to make me throw it down, because, with the exception of Harry Potter, I hate stories with any kind of prophecy. But because it came in in like the last four pages, I finished it. And wow, the ending was really bizarre.
    Normally I kind of like endings that don’t give you a full epilogue, but this left me with more questions than I prefer.

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