Nancy Drew #18: The Phantom of Venice

Travel to Venice, Italy and recover the stolen pieces of art and the thief who took them!  You, as Nancy Drew, are hired by the Italian police to solve the mystery of the “phantom”.  He/she has been steeling valuable things from rich people and wearing a mask to hide among the Venetian citizens who are celebrating Carnevale, a holiday in which everyone dresses in masks and costumes.  Rumor has it that the next thing the “phantom” is going to steal is a person, and the police have a suspect on who’s behind the recent crimes, and they want you to spy on them.  Can you capture the thief before someone is kidnapped?

The Phantom of Venice

The Phantom of Venice

I thought this one was really fun because you get to disguise yourself as someone else, steal something, and spy on someone.  You also get to pick locks, but that kind of got old quickly.  There were three people to talk, which is kind of a normal amount.  A few puzzles took a long time, were very hard to figure out, and weren’t very interesting, though we had to do them to move forward.  Also, there really wasn’t anything very creepy.

Creepiness Factor: 2/10


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