Nancy Drew #20: Ransom of the Seven Ships

You, as Nancy Drew, are planning on spending a relaxing vacation in the Bahamas with Bess and George.  However, we all know that it’s not really going to be relaxing, right?  As soon as you arrive on the island in a helicopter, you find out that Bess has been kidnapped!  George is in a frenzy trying to get help from another island, but the radios don’t seem to be working and the helicopter that you arrived in has already left.  The only way to save your friend is to solve the mystery of El Toro’s buried treasure, which might not even exist!  Can you save Bess before time runs out?

Ransom of the Seven Ships

Ransom of the Seven Ships











I really liked this one, but there were only two people to talk to.  A few highlights of the game are sailing, driving a golf cart, and SCUBA diving.  It didn’t have as many secret passages as some of the others, and some puzzles took a while and were harder.  You mostly play as Nancy, but for a short time you get to play as George Fayne.

Creepiness Factor: 4/10 (there is a skeleton at the end)


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