Nancy Drew #12: Secret of the Old Clock

You, as Nancy Drew, have been invited to Lilac Inn to solve the mystery of a will that seems suspicious. Everyone thought Josiah Crowley would leave all his money to Emily Crandall to help run the Inn, but the will states that all the money, estate and all, belongs to Richard Topham, Josiah Crowley’s phsycic teacher. Can you solve the mystery before time runs out?


This game is kind of a mix between the first four Nancy Drew books, using elements from each book. However, if you think knowing the books will help, you are sadly mistaken!

This game is one of our favorites. While the phsycic guy is a little weird, and he asks you to do an experiment with him (there actually is a strategy to this; you don’t really have to try and read his mind), he doesn’t really talk a lot about what being a phsycic involves.

We loved all the different jobs and puzzles; driving around Nancy’s car, playing miniature golf, and delivering telegrams, this was one of the few games that isn’t creepy, and is still very fun and interesting. Also the 1930 setting is really cool!

Creepiness Factor: 2/10


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