The Runaway King, by Jennifer Nielson

The second book in the Ascendance trilogy.

Sage, now Jaron, has become king since we were last with him. However, he does not expect for an assassination attempt to happen so quickly after the coronation.

With the regents twiddling their thumbs and working behind Jaron’s back, and countries rumbling with impending war, Jaron flees Drylliad by himself to get help from an unlikely source, and to save his own life. However, will Jaron be able to return to the throne, or will everyone have turned against him?



Jaron is back, picking up nearly right where we left him, still just as young, rude, brave, daring, snarky, and rebellious as before. While the plot isn’t as strong or as cliffhanger-ey as the first one, it is still a very enjoyable read, including more sinister characters, pirates, orphans, and whatnot. The audio is fairly good; Charlie McWade has excellent voices for the characters; however, his in-between narrating is just so-so.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Violence: 5/10 (sword fighting, one or two deaths, some injuries that aren’t too descriptive, and as they say in movie ratings, ‘mild peril’)

Language: 1/10 (some references to the devil)

Inappropriateness/Romance: 3/10

Audience: Ages 10 and up.


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