Nancy Drew Computer Games: Beginning Notes

Nancy Drew computer games are a very long series made by Her Interactive. I am doing this seperate post to give you a few overall notes for the games. Each game is filled with difficult puzzles, games, codes, and other various jobs to help you solve the mystery. Some are very complicated and may require the assistance of a walkthrough, while some just require a bit of creative thinking.

My sister and I have always loved doing the games, but, in the past, we were always hesitant to do new ones because some of them are very creepy. We hope to save parents from scaring sensitive kids by pointing out the less creepy ones, or discouraging the scary ones.

I would not normally review a computer game, but I think I will individually rate each Nancy Drew for creepiness instead of violence, language, and inappropriateness/romance.

As a side note, my sister and I have not done all of them, and have most certainly not done them in order. Each mystery is individual, and doing them in order is not essential.

I would recommend the games for ages 10 and up, or for a mature 8 and up. The puzzles are very hard, and require a lot of fast note-taking, and the ability to follow along quickly.

One last thing: we found that Secrets Can Kill and Stay Tuned For Danger (#1 and #2) were not compatable with our computer. I’m sure that Secrets Can Kill Remastered is fine though.


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