Nancy Drew #24: The Captive Curse

Nancy has been invited to Germany to solve the mystery of a monster who has been scaring the locals and guests in a historical castle. You, as Nancy, must find out who, and why, might be responsible for the creature that terrifies everyone. Legend has it that the monster comes at different intervals in history and kidnaps a young girl, who is never seen or heard from again. Can you find the beast and solve the mystery before the monster finds you and history is repeated?


Exploring the German castle was super fun, and we agreed that this was a really good one. However, we also agreed that this was the creepiest one we have ever done. The guests are continually warning you, thinking you are the girl the monster is after, so it sets you on edge. There were lots of secret passages and other eerie places to poke around in, which is fun, but my sister and I both really were a little creeped out so we never wanted to go there.

The ending was a little too easy and unexplanitory, but, unlike the other games, you are given the chance to guess the villain.

Creepiness Factor: 6/10


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