Nancy Drew #10: Secret of Shadow Ranch

In Secret of Shadow Ranch, Nancy is planning on spending a nice vacation on a ranch in Arizona with Bess and George. However, strange things begin to happen as soon as you arrive. A glowing phantom horse is seen, just before unexplained accident happen. To make matters worse, Bess and George aren’t even there, due to a flight cancellation!

Lots of fun things to do, including lots of ranch chores: collecting eggs, picking vegetables, saddling your own horse. Also a ghost town to explore, and other various puzzles. It’s up to you as Nancy Drew to solve the mystery, and catch the criminal before the owners decide to sell the ranch!


This game is great; it isn’t very scary, although the ghost town is a little creepy, although nothing really happens. The phantom horse is not as scary as it sounds; in fact I laughed out loud!


Creepiness Factor: 3/10


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