The Witch of Blackbird Pond, by Elizabeth George Speare

After Katherine Tyler’s (aka Kit) Grandfather and only living relative dies, she is forced to leave the island of Barbados to live with her Uncle and Aunt in America. Set in the 1600’s, Kit arrives to find that yes, she is most welcome, but they are Puritans and have very strict rules.

Kit can’t seem to fit in anywhere; after a particularly hard day, she meets Hannah Tupper, and kind Quaker woman. However, she doesn’t tell anyone about meeting her; because she is a Quaker, therefore, an outcast. Most people think she is a witch. Kit finds her a very sweet lady and also one she can confide in.

When an illness sweeps through the village, Hannah is suspected of putting a curse over the village. Can Kit prove Hannah’s innocence, and her own, before it is too late?


This is a really great book that is on a lot of book lists. The title is a bit misleading; THERE IS NO WITCHCRAFT OF ANY KIND!

I don’t think there is anything bad to say about this book. It was very sweet; I have read it many times. I think girl’s will enjoy this book more than boys. Just saying. 😉 Part of the story is light romance, as a side note.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Violence: 2/10

Language: 0/10

Inappropriateness/Romance: 4/10

Audience: Ages 10 and up


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