The False Prince, by Jennifer Nielson

Sage, an orphan, has been living in an orphanage for several years. A strange man comes and picks him up from the orphanage, along with several other boys.
Conner, the strange man, tells the boys that he has them for a very serious purpose. His plan is to pick one of the boys to impersonate the long-lost prince. The king, queen, and heir prince now dead, Conner expects war if a new king is not found.
The boys are taken to Conner’s house, where they have two weeks to prove to him that they can be the prince. But each boy knows that if he is not picked, they will be killed. That is the seriousness of the plan. They all also know that Conner’s plan is treason, and if they are caught they will be hanged.
As the two weeks draw to a close, the boys become more competitive in their activities and also, more dangerous as they try to out-do each other. But could the truth about Sage be more dangerous than Connor’s elaborate lie?

The False Prince

The False Prince

This author is fantastic! The story is written in first person, but you do not really get to glimpse any of Sage’s thoughts as he fights for the crown. Secrets unfold about each character, but mostly from Sage.
Amazing plot twists, and so well written. I think they are planning to make a movie, which I am super excited about!
This book is the first book in the Ascendance Trilogy.

Overall rating: 5/5

Violence: 5/10 (sword-fighting, violence and one death, but no gore and nothing too descriptive)

Language: 0/10

Inappropriateness/Romance: 1/10

Audience: Ages 10 and up. Even my dad was very entertained by this story.


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